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Weekly Creation- New Mexican green chile burger! Our fresh Angus beef topped with Chorizo sausage, fresh roasted Anaheim chiles, sliced Colby & pepper jack cheese, shredded Iceberg lettuce , Chipolte avocado sour cream and pickled red onions on a butter toasted French bread bun. $7.94

Bulgogi - Our fresh Angus beef Korean , crisp sesame rice cake, scallions, Kimchi and garlic mayo on a butter toasted French bread bun. $7.94

Burger Menu
We use fresh ground Angus beef served on a butter toasted French bread bun
Plain Jane - $5.56  
Cheese - $.46       Colby, Swiss, Pepper jack, Munster & Provolone
Peppered Bacon - $.92
Plain Jane comes with roasted garlic mayo, adobo mustard, chopped onion & scallions, tomato, sweet & spicy pickles and bib lettuce.
Order it and it comes with all of the above ingredients
         Unique Burgers & Fries           
These creations come either as a or with the same ingredients on our fresh fries         
Piggy                                                        Burger  $6.94    or as Fries  $4.63
Peppered bacon, smoked pulled bbq pork, sweet pickled cabbage slaw and Colby cheese
Fire in the hole                      Burger  $6.94    or as Fries  $4.63
Smoked jalapeno sauce, hot pepper relish, garlic mayo, grilled chopped red onions & scallions, pickled jalapenos and pepper jack cheese
Cuban B                                             Burger  $6.94    or as Fries  $4.63
Thin sliced mojo pork loin, sweet & spicy pickles, adobo mustard, Swiss cheese and cilantro
                       Burger  $6.94    or as Fries  $4.63
Seasoned with blackening spice, Roquefort blue cheese, arugula pesto, & tomatoes
Sandwich Menu
The Cheesy        Sandwich $4.63   As Fries $4.63  Add Peppered bacon $.92
Mac & Cheese, Colby, Swiss on a butter toasted Texas toast
Country Boy      $6.94                                                                                                Beer battered fried chicken, peppered bacon, Colby cheese, collard greens and sriracha mayo on a butter toasted French bread bun
F.U.C.H    $6.94                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sliced brown sugar smoked turkey, granny smith apple compote, Munster cheese, garlic mayo on a thick cut cinnamon, orange French toast 
Cat Tacos          $6.94                                                                                                                                                                                                  Two flour tortillas filled with Creole fried catfish, cabbage slaw, diced tomatoes, cilantro, sriracha mayo and pickled jalapenos on the side
Knuckle Sandwich         $6.94                                                                                                             Slow roasted beef sirloin tip thinly sliced (Knuckle), fried onion rings, tomato, provolone, arugula pesto and A1 mayo on a toasted French baguette
Chopper             $6.94                                                                                                                                                                      
Center cut pork loin chop seasoned floured then pan seared served with sweet & spicy pickles and onion slaw on a butter toasted French bread bun
Mac and Cheese   $2.08      Peppered Bacon Deviled Egg   $1.16
Pickled Cabbage Slaw   $1.16                   Collard Greens   $2.08
Fresh Cut Fries with Mediterranean Sea salt   $2.08                                               (Fried in peanut oil)
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